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This decay is an example of an interaction that proceeds via the weak nuclear force. Gcse physics science revision section covering alpha, beta and gamma radiation, decay, videos explaining the differences between the rays. Not for resale, circulation or distribution in whole or in part. Radioactive decay radioactive decay aqa gcse physics. Read book nuclear physics practice problems answers that comes from great author to ration similar to you. Check out more of our edexcel gcse science videos and revision resources at. Nuclear radiation types of radioactive decay an unstable nucleus can decay by emitting an alpha particle, a beta particle, a gamma ray or in some cases a single neutron. Oxford aqa international gcse physics 9203 cambridge igcse physics 0625 for exams from 2019. This video relates to the edexcel 91 gcse physics specification which will be examined for the first time in 2018. They spit out bits and pieces of themselves in decay processes alpha, beta, gamma, neutron, and others.

What happens when a radioactive nucleus emits a beta particle. Edexcel international gcse physics 4ph1 for exams from 2019. Most learners are familiar with the fact that beta decay involves the emission of an electron, but. Beta decay beta decay occurs when a nucleus emits an electron. Pearson edexcel level 1level 2 gcse 9 1 in physics 1ph0. In this gcse physics revision video, hazel talks you through radioactivity, including alpha, beta and gamma radiation, decay equations, penetrating powers and example of. Particles that emit alpha radiation, beta radiation, and gamma radiation go. The six questions or starting points in the student book can be used in a number of different ways. Particles and radioactivity physics bibliographies. Quirky, playful, and brimming with earnestness, each chapter is a joyful sketch of a topicfrom newtons laws to lewins own pioneering discoveries in xray astronomy. The final nucleus still has 14 nucleons, but it has one more proton and one fewer neutron. Radioactive decay will change one nucleus to another if the product nucleus has a.

Gcse physics modelling nuclear equations lesson element. The nucleus still has 14 nucleons, but it has one more proton and one fewer neutron. Gcse physics radioactivity high demand questions questionsheet 1 the chart below shows the change in mass number and atomic number of an atom for different types of radioactive decay. Gcse physics radioactivity alpha, beta, gamma teaching. In 1903, he shared the nobel prize in physics with pierre and marie curie in recognition of the extraordinary services he has rendered by his discovery of spontaneous radioactivity. Edexcel international gcse 91 physics teacher pack sample. Edexcel international gcse 91 physics student book brian arnold, penny johnson, steve woolley ebook uncorrected included proof, all content subject to change at publisher discretion. This interaction causes a quark in the neutron to change from down, d, to up, u, in the proton and emits a w particle which then decays into an. Learn about and revise nuclear radiation, radioactive decay and halflife with gcse bitesize physics. Radioactive decay summary the physics hypertextbook. Phys102 lecture 3435 nuclear physics and radioactivity. Beta decay a2levellevelrevision, physics, particles. Explain that radioactive isotopes are decay products of radioactive materials in the earth when it was. Radioactivity 91 gcse and igcse physics aqa, edexcel.

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