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Astrophobos with their debut ep arcane secrets 2010, swedish black metal band astrophobos quickly made a name for themselves with their ferocious yet melodic style of black metal. Damnatio memoriae by kaoteon, released 23 february 2018 1. In the saddle of wild riffs and majestic melodies, mare cognitum travel. Follow whitney make casually melancholic music that combines the wounded drawl of townes van zandt, the rambunctious energy of jim ford, the stoned affability of bobby charles, the american. Interlude by maeskyyrn, released 17 october 2019 1. Free jazz with a psychedelic noise aesthetic or an exorcism. High bias cassette tape of our 4 song ep darklight. Light light light light is a marriage between sleazerockers zzz and folk noir minimalists saelors. Catchy songs drenched in psychedelia enveloped with dark and pervasive melancholy and a progressive tunefull vibe. Gundahar by black blight, released 06 september 2019 1. Includes unlimited streaming of light upon via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality download in mp3, flac and more.

One of these stories, the legend of standing rock, became a favorite of. Each atrocity exacerbating, upon a carnal continuum they. Their shared love for trippy lowfi instruments and psychedelic sonic experiments gives new meaning to the term super group ep, released 18 april 20 1. Through dusk, came the light by the sun burns bright, released 23 january 2018 1.

Higher love if you dont have time to really listen, please do not buy this record. Land of light by land of light, released 29 october 2012 1. Following up on with the critically acclaimed album remnants of forgotten horrors 2014 and ep enthroned in flesh 2016, astrophobos are now back with their long awaited second. Blight by the green river burial, released 01 august 2015 1.

This is explosive metal and one release that is sure to leave you feeling. Whom the gods notice they destroy by zombified, released 20 may 2019 1. Ephemeral eternities phobos monolith is an observation on the cold mysteries of space, on the origin of life and on its ephemeral nature. Lvcifyre death metal darkness sacrament, released 24 may 2019 1. This is one of the darkest, most consuming records of the year, and as destructive as it is to listen to, its hard to pull away from. The prophecy of blight by soul grinder, released 05 july 2019 1. Sabbath bride the sick room is centered on the topics of death, sickness, memory and anxiety. Comes with digital download code, tapes are smoky clear color. Phobos monolith by mare cognitum, released 03 november 2014 1. On the essence of transformation digipack cd on no solace, ns05. Placental crust upon the blight worthless krill to yawping maw down clogged and noxious throat in the belly of our beast with thumbs deep in eyesockets, we can see gnarled hands upon the swollen throats our one true love to call us home deaf through another graven year scraping knuckles in the gutters of fear. Includes unlimited streaming via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality download in mp3, flac and more. Witches moon medieval folk black metal, metaphysical an olde goats game of stars, released 07 may 2020 1.

The red road of wisdom and prophecy shortly before his death, my uncle gave me a book of local indian and pioneer stories. Music from deep in the trenches, songs that confront the blitzkrieg of bad news but offer light at the end of the tunnel. This current incarnation of blight formed in 2011, gabriel mccaughry ex unquintessence, ion dissonance, vatican, etc. Gnostic dirge this is an advance preprod demo of the upcoming the teachings fulllength which is due sometime in 2014. If your mind is not ready to unwind, please do not buy this record. Blight upon the consecrated ground ep undivine essence. Light upon the lake by whitney, released 03 june 2016 1. Guardians of the temple by shadowkiller, released 21 july 2018 1. The rift soul grinder, independent metal band from portland or, unleashes a uniquely foul heavy metal deluge with their debut fulllength album. Cold weather music for combating seasonal affective disorder since 20. Silhouette in the shade all music written by the sun burns bright written and. Lucid connection infinite edition by desolate blight, released 01 february 2020 1. Blwl creates spacious and distorted soundscapes echoing with a fuzzy feeling. A breath a blisteringly fast ballbreaking of an album with more than a devilish glint in its eye.

Keep deceiving all your minions, for each soul that speaks your name is a mark blessed upon my wall of misery. Pressed on a lovely creamcolored 12 vinyl by burlington record plant in burlington, vt. Apocalypticists by kriegsmaschine, released 21 october 2018 1. Includes unlimited streaming of darklight via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality download in mp3, flac and more. These are put out by the fine folks at already dead tapes and records. Imperfect by violet cold, sadness, a light in the dark, unreqvited, show me a dinosaur, released 20 may 2017 1.

Black light white light is a psych rock band based in malmo, sweden centred around founder martin ejlertsen vocals guitars. Hardcoregrindcore from south carolina order the forced by flame 7 at. All physical copies include a digital download code. Look on the blight side by louis logic, released 12 november 20 1. Chapters written, unholy mistress, let me stain the cloth of man, allow my wrath and watch my right hand. Those of the cursed light by frozen dawn, released 15 march 2014 1.

Each part two blight literally sounds like destruction in audio form. Light eater by everlasting spew records, released 19 april 2019 taker of worlds and eater of light gorging since the beginning of time the husk is his throne, his malice the blight he is the bringer of eternal night for us all, must be prepared to stand and fight the coming of the darkness his eternal reign and never ending hunger will signal the death of an age here on earth at the. Morderca kat cover cds and lps available from our merch section. Severed from your soul by blightmass, released 29 october 2019 1. Arcs of light to penetrate you stabbing picqueristic feints gleaming blight to perforate you throbbing voyeuristic taints. Includes unlimited streaming of split with panopticon via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality download in mp3, flac and more. If you are looking for the next big track to play at your cool party.

Hysteria by desolate blight, released 01 february 2020 suffering abominations, slithering like scum around us. Show me a dinosaur unsaid split album among five projects. A thorn, a blight by dawn rayd, released 10 september 2015 1. The end a veil of shame plunged your last years into the common numbness, leading you to this forest, dark and. Blight upon the consecrated ground ep by undivine essence, released 01 january 2012 1.

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