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Tg chats to stunt coordinator for transporter refuelled movie on the twinturbo audi. The transporters has been created specially for children with autism who find it hard to recognize the causes of emotion and the facial expressions that go with them. Fiat bartoletti as used by jcb historic racing team during the painted as ferrari transporter for the movie le mans ferrari transporter purchased by carroll shelby to transport the cobras in europ. Jan 17, 2016 watch transporter 1 part 2 full movie dante bajamundi on dailymotion. Transporter is an englishlanguage french actionthriller film franchise, comprising four films released between 2002 and 2015, and a television series. I do not own anything all rights are belong to their respective owner. Jason statham stealing mercedes sclass transporter scene transporter clip. Jul 12, 2017 top 10 car movies of all time whats better than a top 10 list.

As i said there are plenty of silly and deliberately humorous moments but the way it was constructed and presented meant i wasnt laughing anywhere near as much as i was in the other films. You can trust that transporters are offering you their highest level of service, at their most competitive rates. Our californiabased vehicle transport company makes sure you can rely on us to ship your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or rv wherever you need us to. The motor show ferrari transporter hauling a 65 daytona coupe and a pair of cobras just a car guy. If you dont know the year, lets find one similar by entering the year you purchased your vehicle. Pegasus race trailers, a leading manufacturer of custombuilt race trailers, has been named the official trailer of nhra. Statham himself is an accomplished martial artist, allowing him to do all the combat scenes involving frank martin himself. The film stars jason statham as frank martin, a driver for hire a mercenary transporter who will deliver anything, anywhere no questions asked for the right price. Auto transporters online 866 5566468 official site. The transporter was the first englishlanguage feature for hong kongbased director corey yuen, who along with directing a number of hk action flicks designed fight choreography for several. The bmw 735i was the first car that frank martin uses in the first transporter movie, till its blown into pieces.

Some said it was a 750, some said it was a 735, until we get a capture of the label on the rear of the car we cannot be sure. With the moving industrys largest companyoperated fleet of auto transporters, our opensided and enclosed car carriers provide professional transport anywhere our network of car shippers deliver. This movie has all the makings of a great testosterone flick. Specialist car transporters classic car transporter services uk. Exspecial forces operator frank martin jason statham lives what seems to be a quiet life along the french mediterranean. This in conclusion is the main failure of transporter 3 510 just for being a new movie in an otherwise cool franchise. Aug 01, 2005 august 1, 2005 the transporter drives the luxury audi a8 sedansource. The movie stars jason statham who has pumped a lot of iron since lock, stock and two smoking barrels as frank martin, a k a the transporter, who will transport anything at a price. The first time i watched this movie, i was hooked, i think it is a sleeper cult classic.

The filming location for the bmw on the bridge was actually not a bridge, but rather the lamarck caulaincourt paris metro station exit seen below as it appears today. At top auto transport company, our main goal is to make your auto shipping experience a breeze, as we showcase a list of the top auto shippers. Unlike other auto transport carriers that follow the same procedures for all vehicles for transfer, we ship your vehicle based on its specific needs. Action movies 2014 hd jason statham transporter 5 youtube. A location director on the transporter movie involved in all the car chase scenes has provided the following production facts.

Pegasus race trailers, with headquarters in sandusky, oh is a leading manufacturer of quality trailers, specializing in custombuilt horse trailers, mobile media, customerspecific specialty trailers, and car coaches. If you need to transport a car or ship any vehicle with we will transport it, you will be in good hands because we beat any auto transport price and we offer the best truck drivers and customer service in the industry. Jul 07, 2015 car transporter toy truck, toy car transporter, toy cars and vehicles. Enclosed shipping is not something you want just anyone handling. May 09, 2015 action movies 2014 hd jason statham transporter 5 action movies 2014 hd jason statham transporter 5 action movies 2014 hd jason statham transporter 5. Auto transport services from california all american. The sequel to the action feature the transporter, directed by louis letterier the transporter, danny the dog, features audis top model the audi a8 w12. Audi ag for the second consecutive summer audi ag has landed a highquality product placement. Le transporteur is an englishlanguage french actionthriller film franchise, comprising four films released between 2002 and 2015, and a television series. The transporter is very violent, in a cartoonish way. Le transporteur is a 2002 englishlanguage french actionthriller film directed by corey yuen and louis leterrier who is credited as artistic director on the film, and written by luc besson, who was inspired by bmw films the hire series.

This permits the films signature hong kongstyle fight scenes, choreographed by corey yuen. You want a company with the experience and integrity to handle your car with the upmost care. Oct 11, 2002 impressive car races and pursuits were made by authentic stunts and computer generator effects. This was a product placment vehicle to promote bmws 7 series of vehicles.

The series is an englishlanguage frenchcanadian actionthriller television series, a spinoff from the transporter film series created by luc. Both jason statham and francois berleand reprise their roles, as frank martin and inspector tarconi, respectively. Jun 27, 2017 there are some amazing car in transporter 2. It is the third and final installment in the original trilogy of the transporter franchise. Your choosing enclosed auto transport because your car is a antique, collector, exotic, hotrod, vintage, or a classic. Action movies 2014 hd jason statham transporter 5 action movies 2014 hd jason statham transporter 5 action movies 2014 hd jason statham transporter 5. As a car movie, tokyo drift did more to introduce the japanese car culturea land of drifting.

Our car shipping services united is a leading national moving company, offering auto transportation services. Sep 04, 2015 is the audi s8 the worlds greatest getaway car. The bmw car jump scene from the bridge in the transporter movie seen above was mostly special effects. Download transporter 2 full movie video dailymotion. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at. Top 10 car movies of all time whats better than a top 10 list. We analyze hundreds of car transport companies, and find the best to compete for you. We analyze hundreds of vehicle transport companies, and find the best to compete for you. Car shipping car transport services by united van lines. Jason statham plays frank martin in the first three movies, a professional freelance courier driver for hire.

Transporter 2 15 movie clip jacking the carjackers 2005 hd duration. Theres nothing macabre or gross, but if you object to guns, car crashes, explosions, and martial artsstyle fighting, this isnt for you. Jason statham is topnotch as action hero, he lives what seems to be a luxurious life along the french mediterranean, hiring himself out as a mercenary transporter who moves goods from one location to another, hes a tough man fighting stunningly. It starts with a wild car chase in france, introduces some memorable phrases, adds an attractive woman and antagonist with a very bad hair piece. The transporter drives the luxury audi a8 sedan audiworld. Le transporteur 3 is a 2008 englishlanguage french actionthriller film. Best 30 automobile transporters in lancaster, oh with. Heck even the car chases are a typically predictable affair with lots of small crappy police cars flippin all over the show as they try to stop the audi all in slow. Making a move to a new city can be overwhelming and very time consuming. The primary vehicle seen throughout the movie is a 1998 bmw 750il euro model, referenced as a 735i. The transporter 2002 rotten tomatoes movie trailers. It is often easier to determine how to get household items from one city to another, but it is not as easy to get the additional vehicles moved. He is portrayed by jason statham in the first three films, chris vance in the television series, and ed skrein in the reboot. According to the movie, its a 735, but the actual car was, as mentioned, custombuilt with the v12 and the manual gearbox.

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