Metro sim card for iphone 5c

How to activate an iphone on metropcs full step by step tutorial. May 06, 2020 ipad mini 3 and later, ipad air 2, and ipad pro support apple sim. Sim card problems are a common reason why iphones say searching. If it is, that is the reason why your iphone says no sim card. Hi, just got a new 16gb unlocked iphone 5c from the apple store today. Punch out your correct sim size when you receive your sim kit in the mail. How to fix a sim not supported sim not valid invalid. Up to 8 hours on 3g, up to 10 hours on lte, up to 10 hours on wifi internet use video playback. If you would like to take advantage of the services, then unlock your phone and buy a metro sim card. Sell iphone 5 metro pcs metro pcs iphone 5 trade in. All in a complete new design, a colorful uni body shell that feels great in your hand. How to jailbreak an iphone without a sim card gadget hacks.

Product title 1 year prepaid gsm sim card monthly 250 talk or 250 text or 250mb data txt no contract 12 months plan average rating. If you see invalid sim or no sim on your iphone or ipad. Apr 15, 2016 youll just have to make sure metro pcs releasesunlocks the device, then grab an att sim card for it and you should be set. Oct 26, 2015 i just got my iphone 6s plus, sim free 64 gb, today and when i put in my metro pcs sim card, it said no service in the status bar. One of the reasons why no service reflects on your iphone may be the sim card not inserted properly in the sim tray. Insert the pin into the small hole and push it slightly until the tray popsout.

Break free from the clutches of apple today and feel the cellular. Sometimes using a card from a different iphone model or another smartphone manufacturer can cause the invalid. As obvious as it may sound, remove the sim card from the sim tray, and then reinsert it. After you unlock the iphone you just need to purchase the metro sim card to. There is an included adapter which is the size of a regular sim card. The iphone xs, iphone xs max, and iphone xr all feature support for a dualsim setup, allow you to have two phone lines in one device. Therefore it will work for a variety of devices using these sims. No need to run any complicated software, or jailbreaking required. Yeah im using right now 4g lte metro pcs on my iphone 5c unlocked factory and its really damn fast 4g lte. This tray holds the nano sim card and is inserted on the side of the phone. Unlocking iphone 7, iphone 6, iphone 5 with metro pcs sim cards. Yes, as long as youre sprint iphone is unlocked, you should be able to use it.

Operate your unlocked iphone with the help of metro pcs. I am aware that if i purchase a sim card cutter, that i can convert my regular. From everything i have read, including apples own website which has a chart indicating that the same nano sim is used in the iphone 5, 5c, and 5s, the sim should be the same size. Your sim card gives your iphone your phone number its what tells your carrier youre you. Once the iphone is unlocked then you would have to go to a metro pcs store to purchase a metro pcs. Earn the most cash guaranteed when you sell your used iphone 5 metro pcs to buybackworld. Will the iphone 5c work on metro pcs, you know with the metro. How to unlock any iphone for free on metropcs youtube. Before doing those things though, most importantly, youll have to make sure that, specifically, the alcatel one touch phone you have will be compatible with atts servicenetwork. Our online tradein program makes it super easy to sell your new, used, or broken apple products for cash.

Since metro pcs recently rolled out a bring your own phone plan you can now activate verizons iphones greater than the 4s on their network you cannot use the 4 since it doesnt have a sim card slotgsm antenna. Initially this video was only for pc, but it now includes instructions on how to perform the same feat on your mac as well. Nov 10, 2016 when you are purchasing a service plan, you will be required to purchase a sim kit. You can activate a cellular plan on an esim from a carrier that supports dual sim. I currently have a metropcs android smartphone with a metropcs sim card. Ive been using metro for 12 months without a glitch. All iphones have a tiny sim card that wireless carriers use to identify specific iphones on their network. Step 1 sim card shut your phone down completely before removing the sim card and tray.

Power on your phone and check if the issue is resolved. Will my iphone 5c sim card fit in an iphone 6 phone. Get the best deals on metropcs sim cards when you shop the largest online selection at. Below are the steps to successfully unlock your iphone running on ios 7. Get the best deals on metropcs sim cards when you shop the. Insert the nano sim card into the iphone complete this step if you skipped step 4 useful links. To unlock the iphone, the user has to go to a 3rd party unlocking website and choose to unlock the iphone. So, switch off your iphone by holding the power button, then take out the sim card from the sim tray and reinsert it. Operate your unlocked iphone with the help of metro pcs services. No the iphone is not compatible with metro pcs service flashing 3 rd party tools can be used to flash the iphone to the metro services na iphone has not been created especially for these services. Were certainly happy to try, and since it is free of charge, you have nothing to lose.

If there is dust in the tray or on the card, wipe it off. Your iphone 5c does have a sim card slot, and you can learn more about accessing it here. Even if the card didnt move, reinserting the sim card is something you should definitely try. While travelling abroad, use a local sim card and save on roaming fees. The sim card is a regular sim card not a micro or a nano sim card. At the store they can activate the sim card with metro pcs service.

How to activate an iphone on metropcs full step by step. Sprint uicc icc nano sim card simglw436c iphone 5c, 5s, 6, 6 plus, 6s. Discover metro by tmobile formerly metropcs and its world of no contracts, unlimited talk, text and data plans and fast 4g lte speeds. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or instore pickup. Insert a sim card eject tool or a paperclip into the small hole in the sim card tray.

Once your sim card arrives in the mail, insert it into your iphone. All i had to do was to order a metro sim card, go on line and with the help of a metro agent i activated my 1st iphone in about 15 minutes. I have an iphone 4, iphone 4s and a 5 now and i know metro pcs has been using sim cards for their 4g network instead of the cdma and hence using the sim cards for service, so would i be able to use metro pcs on my iphone thats unlocked. Verizon wireless 4g lte nano sim card 4ff, nonnfc, only compatible with iphone no android 3. If you want to jailbreak an iphone without a sim card, check out this video and learn how. It was fairly close, but definitely not properly fitting. Will metro pcs new sim card for their 4g lte work on my iphone 4 thats unlocked. These models also have a sim tray for a nano sim card you can use a nano sim card from a carrier. The iphone must be unlocked, not marked as stolen or lost, and must be compatible with metro pcs service. Keep your phone, switch to consumer cellular using our sim card. Find out how much your old metro pcs phone is worth. Will the iphone 5c work on metro pcs, you know with the.

What is the reason that when i switched my phone from a metro pcs sim card into an. The sim card you receive in the mail will allow you to get up and running with your new carrier. Your iphone should be powered off before you insert or replace the sim card. Sim free iphone 6s plus is not reading sim card macrumors. In some countries and regions, these iphone models feature an esim. Sprint and verizon iphone 5s are able to be utilized with the services of metro. Insert a non accepted sim card and restart the iphone 6. Yes, you can metropcs is now a gsm carrier owned by tmobile us. Call 611 from old phone iphone 5, with my nano sim card still in it. Will the iphone 5c work on metro pcs, you know with the metro pcs sim card.

This kit will include the 3in1 sim sizes that fit all cell phones. Sell your cell phone instantly using our safe, fast, and easy buyback program. Situational if itunes prompts for you to restore, follow the steps. Once the iphone is unlocked then you would have to go to a metro pcs store to purchase a metro pcs sim card. Jun 20, 20 inserting metropcs sim card into iphone 5. Went to metropcs store and the sim they had for the iphone 5 did not fit into the slot. This same sim card has worked flawlessly on my iphone 5 for the past few years but my 6s plus is not reading it. Unlocked iphones can now be used with metro pcs service. Can you use the metro pcs sim card on and iphone 5c or 5s. Unfortunately, if you have a 55s5c, you can still use most of metropcss. Youll need a program here to get it done, and youll need to be connected between your pcmac and your iphone. Your particular iphone 5c has been assigned a certain model number based on the carrier that originally sold it. Provided the imei of the iphone 5s to metropcs representative during. Can i use an iphone 6 under metro pcs apple community.

Using an older iphone 44s or 5 with a prepaid cellular service. Byod phones may have limited functionality, including coverage limitations. Virgin mobile usa, straight talk wireless, metro pcs, net 10, and cricket. Learn which size sim card your iphone or ipad uses apple. Im really love it i feel like they broke my iphone s virgin already. This model number can be used to determine the bandsand by. A metropcs reissued nano sim card the blue and white ones 3. You may be able to use our sim card with your iphone, but we cant guarantee that it will work. These models also have a sim tray for a nanosim cardyou can use a nanosim card from a carrier. Unlock your iphone 5c from the comfort of your own home. With a 4inch retina display, see more of everything your inbox, every web page, an extra row of apps all on your 5c. How i activated an iphone 5s on metropcs 3 steps youtube. You can then acquire a new microsim card from any compatible prepaid. Sep 19, 2014 metro pcs does support any unlocked ipone 5, 5c,5s and 6.

Jul 12, 2018 sometimes, the sim card may move a bit. This wikihow article will help guide you through the process of inserting it into your iphone. Take a simple paper clip or sim removal tool and make it straight. Buy products related to iphone sim card products and see what customers say. The iphone 5c has the things that made iphone 5 an amazing phone and more. When you are purchasing a service plan, you will be required to purchase a sim kit. Check the right side of your phone to locate the sim tray. The best option to activate iphone 5s with metro pcs is to buy a full retail price iphone because metro does not offer iphone packages like. The correct sim size in a 3in1 punch out is shown below.

Apple preowned iphone 5c 4g lte with 16gb memory cell phone. The resell value of your iphone 5c will increases as it is available to more carriers. Sim card tray pin eject removal tool needle opener ejector 10x pack by isyfix for all iphone, apple ipad, htc, samsung galaxy, and most smartphone brands 4. Cdma phones generally dont use sim cards for cellular service.

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